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This is the real Hockey

This is Hockey!

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The first field hockey video game ever created

FHG2013 on iPad and Android, FHG2016 on Android only

Play with more than 20 teams in various Championship & Cup!

Try to reach the first division and to win the ultimate international cup while grabbing the TK Trophy. Analyse your stats in the hall of fame, share on Facebook, practice your penalty shootout skills

Women Teams are in!

Select Women/Men and your favorite team!
Enjoy one of the 22 international teams: Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, England, Egypt, France, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, USA .
The game also includes: Self-Pass, Penalty Shootout, Dribble, Soft & Hard Tackle, Keeper control, etc.

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Brilliant game buy it! — Cheggers OPM, UK
Is a real step forward in hockey's individuality! — Harry, UK
It's really good, lots of fun and very addicting! — Captain pink, Australia
I've played the game for about an hour and it's quite addictive! — Poshjak, UK
Finally someone made a real field hockey game! — Chicagoblackhawks, USA

Some news about us...

  • Be aware! Field Hockey Game is back!
    with "FHG 2016"! Faster, Better, Nicer!

    Be Aware! FHG is Back
  • Field Hockey Game™ on App Store (iPAD) and on Google Play (all Android device). Support us, share the game around and enjoy it!!!

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  • We are a small team focusing in Video Game for Tablet located in Europe (BE, CH) and Asia. Of course, we are all Field Hockey Fans!

    THIS is Hockey!

* * *   F H G   2 0 1 6   :   T U T O R I A L * * *
CHAMPIONSHIP: 5 Divisions. Avoid releguation, reach the Play-Off or try to be Championship
INTERNATIONAL CUP: 2 Groups. Be in the first 2 to qualify for Semi Final and Finally
TK TROPHY: Random knockout tournament
PENALTY SHOOTOUT: Train for the shootouts!

Orient and run with your players
Attack (with the ball)
-Tap once: Pass or Shoot if in the D (circle)
-Hold the button = Dribble (protect your ball)
Defense (without the ball)
-Tap once: Hard Tackle (stick movement toward the ball/opponent). Be aware! It can lead to fault!
-Hold the button: Soft Tackle (stick on the ground, low defense). This is the safest way to defend but... your player will be slower
-Exit the current game (with forfeit!)
-Change the tactic
-Change view (side TV like view or from above/up view)

FHG Story.

With FHG 2014, released in December 2014, and now with FHG 2016, we have more than 160.000 gamers worldwide!



  • 5 divisions!
  • 22 teams!
  • Stay tuned
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  • Enhanced Animations
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  • finally on iPHONE
  • also on iPAD
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